IBM Canada Ltd.
Name: IBM Canada Ltd.
City (head office): Markham
Province/State (head office): Ontario
Region(s) of Operations: Ontario
Sector(s) of Operations: Manufacturing - Electrical / Electronics, Commercial - Information Technology

Leadership and Commitment Activities
Champion Reporting System Evaluation VCR Inc. Leadership Award Winner/Honourable Mention

Challenge Registry Submissions

Date Received Submission Evaluation Status
2003-10-31 Action Plan (2003) Gold
2002-12-15 Action Plan (2003) Gold
2001-10-19 Action Plan (2001) Silver
2000-10-26 Action Plan (2000) Silver
1999-10-26 Action Plan (1999) Silver
1998-10-07 Action Plan (1998)  
1996-07-08 Action Plan (1996)  
1995-09-27 Action Plan