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Alberta Carbon Registries
West Fraser Mills Ltd.

West Fraser Mills Ltd.

Forest Products manufacturer.

Rod Albers
[email protected]

British Columbia
Web Site:

Alberta Emissions Offset Registry

Project Listings

Project Role Contact
Biomethanation with Power Generation Authorized Project Contact Rod Albers
Sundance Biomass Energy Generation Projects Project Primary Contact Mohammed Raza
Mohammed Raza

Emission Offsets

Project: Sundance Biomass Energy Generation Projects STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   7048-9023-000-030-649-864 to 7048-9023-000-030-662-255 Active 2015 12,392
   7048-9023-000-030-662-256 to 7048-9023-000-030-677-078 Active 2016 14,823
   7048-9023-000-030-677-079 to 7048-9023-000-030-691-267 Active 2017 14,189
Total Emission Offsets 41,404

Emission Performance Credits (EPCs)

Year Start End Amount (EPC) Current Status
2015 3E90-15-0000000015322154 3E90-15-0000000015369457 47,304 Active
2014 3E90-14-0000000006844582 3E90-14-0000000006852986 8,405 Active
2013 3E90-13-0000000006038733 3E90-13-0000000006057279 18,547 Pending Retirement
2013 3E90-13-0000000006057280 3E90-13-0000000006093286 36,007 Active
2011 003E90-11-0000000001330168 003E90-11-0000000001332472 2,305 Revoked
2010 003E90-10-0000000000000001 003E90-10-0000000000059790 59,790 Retired
Total EPCs 172,358