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Alberta Carbon Registries
INEOS Canada Partnership

INEOS Canada Partnership

The Joffre LAO Plant at Joffre, Alberta, began operating in September 2001. A 250,000 metric-ton per year facility, it incorporates world-leading, proprietary technology in the production of linear alpha olefins.

Chuck Obst
[email protected]

Red Deer

Emission Performance Credits (EPCs)

Year Start End Amount (EPC) Current Status
2016 2FDA-16-0000000017765335 2FDA-16-0000000017770030 4,696 Active
2014 2FDA-14-0000000006549473 2FDA-14-0000000006553078 3,606 Pending Retirement
2014 2FDA-14-0000000006553079 2FDA-14-0000000006556882 3,804 Revoked
2013 2FDA-13-0000000004700059 2FDA-13-0000000004700276 218 Pending Retirement
2013 2FDA-13-0000000004700277 2FDA-13-0000000004710071 9,795 Pending Retirement
2013 2FDA-13-0000000004710072 2FDA-13-0000000004710073 2 Pending Retirement
2013 2FDA-13-0000000004710074 2FDA-13-0000000004718107 8,034 Pending Retirement
2013 2FDA-13-0000000004718108 2FDA-13-0000000004718409 302 Pending Retirement
2009 2FDA-09-0000000000000003 2FDA-09-0000000000001218 1,216 Pending Retirement
Total EPCs 31,673