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Alberta Emissions Offset Registry

Welcome to the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry operated by CSA Group, in partnership with the Government of Alberta.

The purchase of Alberta- based carbon offset credits is one of the four compliance options for regulated entities under the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (the 'Regulation') in Alberta. A carbon offset credit represents a one-tonne reduction or removal in greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from an independently verified GHG project. Carbon offset projects range in scope and involves implementation of a new management practice, technology and/or control systems that reduce or remove emissions of a given process. GHG projects listed on the AEOR are real and quantifiable reductions of emissions, and are verified by an independent third party. Under the Alberta system the following terms are synonymous: 'carbon offset credit' and 'offset credits'. To date (November 2014), over 33 million carbon offset credits have been created and serialized in Alberta.

To generate carbon offset credits in the Alberta offset market, facilities and sectors that are not subject to the Regulation ('Project Developers'), reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to a government approved protocol, and meet the requirements of section 7 of the Regulation. Project Developers then register their projects on the CSA Group AEOR and serialize their carbon reductions before the carbon offset credits are used as a compliance option by a regulated facility.

Registered projects listed on the AEOR must contain the required documentation, which includes: a third party verified project plan and project report, a verification report, and a greenhouse gas assertion. Registered projects are then able to be issued unique serial numbers assigned to carbon offset credits allocated to a registered project. These documents are posted publically on the registry.

The CSA Group AEOR provides the infrastructure and public transparency for projects registered to generate Alberta offset credits. For more information about CSA Group's GHG Registries, please click here.

How to use the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry

For Project Developers, in order to create a new project, or modify an existing project, the AEOR requires specific forms and documents to be submitted to CSA Group prior to processing. For user instructions, please click below.

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