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Alberta Emissions Offset Registry
Project Details

Project Details
Title: Highmark Renewables Integrated Manure Utilization System Project Identifier: 9153-0434

Project Description

The project consists of an integrated manure management system that involves the treatment of manure from ~7500 cattle using two anaerobic digesters to facilitate the controlled breakdown of cattle manure and small amounts of other off-site waste organic materials into biogas containing 50-60% methane, and a nutrient rich effluent. The biogas is either combusted alone or mixed with natural gas in a co-generator to produce electricity that is sold to the Alberta grid. The digester effluent is then separated into solid and liquid fractions using a screw press and the liquid effluent is stored in a 3.5 million gallon lined pond and then land applied to nearby fields or re-used at the feedlot, while the stabilized solids are stockpiled and later spread on land.

The process includes a 1MWe rated power generation unit and a tertiary heat recovery system. Waste heat is used by the feedstock hopper, the water storage unit and the digester radiant heat unit.

The integrated manure utilization system provides an efficient environmental solution to managing a portion of the manure generated from a nearby feedlot and results in reduced air pollution and odours, complete pathogen destruction and material stabilization, improved nutrient management, and the output of a bio-fertilizer and renewable energy in addition to greenhouse gas reductions.

The baseline scenario for the Highmark Project is the land application of the manure on neighbouring crop lands and the disposal of the BBO in the Wainwright landfill. Had the Project not been undertaken by Highmark Renewables, the manure would have continued to be land applied and the BBO would have continued to be landfilled as confirmed by an attestation from the project developer.

Project Files

Alberta - GHG Report (2006-2007) - english
Alberta - Verification Report (2006-2007)
Alberta - Notice of Creation (2006-2007)
Alberta - GHG Report (2008-2009)
Alberta - Notice of Creation (2008-2009)
Alberta - Verification Report (2008-2009)
Alberta - Project Extension Approval Letter (2014)
Alberta - Other Public
Registry: Alberta Emissions Offset Registry Type: Biogas
Quantification Protocol: Anaerobic Decomposition of Agricultural Materials Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: None defined Latitude: Not defined
Validator: None defined Longitude: Not defined
Verifier: Levelton Consultants Ltd.
Emission Offset Project Developer: Growing Power Hairy Hill LP
Start Date: 2006-04-01 End Date: 2018-01-24
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions or sequestration: 12,536 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions or sequestration: 1,567 t CO2 e
Serial Number Vintage Year Company Name Status Quantity
(t CO2 e)
9153-0434 -000-000-005-625 to 9153-0434 -000-000-009-770 2009 Capital Power LP Pending Retirement 4,146
9153-0434 -000-000-001-957 to 9153-0434 -000-000-005-624 2008 Capital Power LP Pending Retirement 3,668
9153-0434 -000-000-000-442 to 9153-0434 -000-000-001-956 2007 Capital Power LP Pending Retirement 1,515
9153-0434 -000-000-000-001 to 9153-0434 -000-000-000-441 2006 Capital Power LP Pending Retirement 441
Total Serialized emission offsets for this project that have been Pending Retirement: 9,770

Additional Credits

Serial Number Vintage Year Company Name Status Quantity
(t CO2 e)
There are no emission offsets for this project that have been serialized. Please contact the project developer or authorized project contact.