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Alberta Carbon Registries

This section provides the links to commonly used resources provided by the Government of Alberta. While, the AEOR attempts to maintain this information to be updated, complete and accurate, there may be discrepancies. The most current and final documents are hosted on the Government of Alberta websites.

About Alberta and Climate Change

Find out more about the Alberta Climate Change Strategy, the related acts and regulations and programs here:

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Registries Manual and Resources

Specific guidance related to the use of the Alberta Carbon Registries:

  • Alberta Carbon Registries User Manual: click here

  • User Permissions: click here

Aggregated Planning and Reporting Sheets

Alberta Emission Offset System, aggregated projects require both planning and reporting sheets to be submitted as required and described in the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers (Version 2.0 July 2018). These must be submitted with other registry required documentation for project creation and project registrations for emission offset projects that are aggregated.

Current accepted versioning of the aggregated planning and reporting sheets is 3.1 current as of March 2019; version 3.2 May 2019 for Conservation Cropping projects.

Aerobic Composting Planning Reporting
Conservation Cropping Planning Reporting
Distributed Renewable Energy Generation Planning Reporting
Energy Efficiency Planning Reporting
Engine Fuel Management/Vent Gas Capture Planning Reporting
Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reductions in Agriculture Planning Reporting
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fed Cattle Planning Reporting
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Pneumatic Devices Planning Reporting
Waste Heat Recovery Planning Reporting
Wind-Powered Electricity Generation Planning Reporting

Guidance Documents

Specific guidance for project developers, verifiers and protocols developers are provided by the Government of Alberta Environment and Parks.

  • Carbon Offset Emission Factors Handbook: click here
  • Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers (version 2.0): click here
  • Standard for Validation, Verification and Audit: click here
  • Technical Guidance for Offset Protocol Development and Revision: click here
  • Technical Guidance for the Assessment of Additionality: click here

Offset Project Templates

Document templates for use with offset projects listed on the Alberta Carbon Registries.

Quantification Protocols and Supplemental Program Information

Projects registered on the AEOR for the Alberta offset market must follow an approved Government of Alberta Protocol. Find the appropriate approved protocols, protocols in development and other supplemental program information here:

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