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Alberta Emission Performance Credit Registry

Welcome to the Emissions Performance Credit (EPC) Registry operated by CSA Group in partnership with the Government of Alberta.

The purchase of EPCs is one of the four compliance options for regulated entities under the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (the 'Regulation') in Alberta. This compliance mechanism is tracked and managed by CSA Group using the online and publically viewable registry platform. EPCs are credits generated by regulated facilities that have reduced below their reduction target specified in the Regulation. These additional reductions are called EPCs, where one tonne of CO2e reduced below the baseline emission intensity target is equal to one EPC. EPCs are revocable licenses which can be banked, transferred or retired by facilities subject to the Regulation to meet their reduction requirements.

In order for facilities and their associated companies to register EPCs, they must submit their compliance reports and be issued EPCs from the Government of Alberta on the EPC Registry before the EPCs can be used as a compliance option.

The EPC Registry provides the infrastructure and public transparency for projects registered to generate EPCs. The infrastructure of the EPC Registry is developed in partnership with CSA Group and the Government of Alberta. For more information about CSA Group's GHG Registries, please click here

How to use the Emission Performance Credits (EPC) Registry

The EPC Registry requires specific documentation in order to perform actions on generated EPCs such as allocation, transfer or retirement. For user instructions, please click below

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