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The CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program tells your customers and stakeholders that you are committed to managing your environmental impact.

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Taking a leadership position on climate change can help create value for your business, give you a competitive edge and prepare you for a future regulated carbon environment. Going the extra step and declaring carbon neutrality is perceived by stakeholders, investors, customers and employees as an essential component of good corporate social responsibility. Substantiating and communicating carbon neutral claims and avoiding "greenwashing" accusations can, however, be challenging for businesses.

The CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program uses an independent and transparent process, based on international standards, that recognizes carbon neutral claims. Displaying the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Label will help you to communicate a powerful message to your customers and stakeholders of your achievement of net zero GHG emissions.

To receive the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Label and get listed on the Program Registry, you will need to demonstrate that you have measured your carbon footprint, had it verified by an independent third-party, and acquired and retired eligible validated and verified emission reductions or removals to offset all your reported GHG emissions.

There are currently three Program Labels available:

CSA Group has been at the forefront of delivering standards-based solutions for over 90 years and has built on our experience of environmental and sustainability standards to develop this unique program. CSA Group has also been instrumental in the development of ISO 14064 series of international GHG quantification, reporting, verification and accreditation standards that are used worldwide to support GHG programs. The CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program is based on the application of these ISO 14064 standards and additional program requirements.

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If you have any questions, please email us or call 1 800 463 6727 ext. 42339.

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