GHG CleanProjects® Registry

How To

1. Project application and listing

The first step and initial step is to complete and submit the GHG Project Application Form as well as Schedule A, B, C [if applicable], and D.

After receipt of the GHG Project Application Form and Schedules, GHG Registries will perform the internal administration and processing of the Application Form including activating a GHG CleanProjects® Registry project account. Administration and processing will include a completeness assessment to confirm that your documentation includes the set of information as required for listing on the GHG CleanProjects® Registry. The listing of your project on the registry is always subject to acceptance by GHG Registries.

The listing and registration process can be done all at once if all your project documentation is ready or it can be done in stages to accomodate the delivery of the necessary reports.

The preliminary project information can be displayed at the time of initial registration while the project documentation is being prepared.


A validation report is usually provided for a project that is in preimplementation stages. A validation report is not required to be submitted if a GHG report is submitted. The validation report must follow the ISO 14064-3.


A GHG report must be submitted, even if you submit a validation report, as it should openly and transparently provide the complete project description, associated GHG Assertion, and related GHG emission reduction/removals. The GHG report must meet the minimum requirements, but not limited to, to those stated in 14064-2 section 5.13b.

Schedule D may require completion and submission multiple times as the status of the documentation, the Project and/or the VERRs changes. Schedule D can also be submitted by others to update the status of VERRs once the project proponent is no longer involved.

The GHG Report Template is a guide for the preparation of a GHG Report for submission to GHG CleanProjects® Registry and includes sections on GHG project quantification, monitoring and reporting.

2. Serialization and updating of the status of VERRs

The next step is to submit a third-party Verification Report in order to have the appropriate verified emission reductions/removals (VERRs) from the GHG emission reduction/removal project serialized and displayed. GHG CleanProjects® Registry does not serialize ex ante or future emission reductions or removals. Serialization will only occur for verified emission reductions or removals that have already occurred and with a verification report that follows the reporting requirements of ISO 14064-3 that covers the necessary vintage years.

The Verification Report Template can assist in the preparation of a Verification Report and is meant to assist users in ensuring consistency with the verification and reporting requirements of ISO 14064-3 and the GHG CleanProjects® Registry.

When required, delist or retire the specified VERR quantities and relevant serial numbers to another registry or entity, according to your instructions as per Schedule D. Also, if VERRs have changed ownership, or are retired, the (VERRs) Update Section can be completed to update the VERRs listing details.

GHG Project Application Form;

Schedule A – Acknowledgement of GHG CleanProjects® Registry Mandate;

Schedule B – GHG CleanProjects® Registry Services Agreement;

Schedule C – Designation of Authorized Project Contact (if required), and [If Schedule C - Designation of Authorized Project Contact has been completed and submitted during initial application stage then subsequent notices do not require the Project Proponent's signature.]

Schedule D – Notice of Registry Account Instructions. [Schedule D may require completion and submission multiple times as the status of the documentation, the Project and/or the VERRs changes.]

GHG Report Template [Effective January 1, 2012 it will be necessary that all GHG Report submissions follow the GHG Report Template]

Verification Report Template [Effective January 1, 2012 it will be necessary that all Verification Report submissions follow the Verification Report Template]

Schedules A, B, and C each must be signed by both of (i) the duly authorized greenhouse gas project proponent (the "Project Proponent") and, (ii) any authorized project contact (the "Authorized Project Contact") that the Project Proponent may appoint to instruct and interact with the GHG CleanProjects® Registry on its behalf.

You can also submit updated GHG Reports or Validation Reports at any time as well as submitting other updates for the project such as the change of ownership or other parameters.

On a fee-for-service basis, GHG Registries can provide additional VERR-related communication and notices or other GHG Program requirements as agreed upon.

*Any Alberta Emissions Offset Registry (AEOR) actions or requests must be completed through the AEOR portal listed below and submitted to the AEOR for processing. All forms required for project registration, serialization, and any subsequent requests are available online at The AEOR has a dedicated CSA GHG CleanProjects® Registry Schedule B and D forms that are only available on the AEOR portal. These dedicated forms must be used for any AEOR projects and requests. Failure to use the appropriate forms will result in a delay in processing.
Registry Flow

Schedule of Services and Fees

The following Schedule sets out the Services offered by the Registry and the related fees for such services to be paid by the Service Recipient prior to commencement and completion of the Service by the Registry in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GHG CleanProjects® Registry Service Agreement.

Registry Service Applicable Fee
Project Related Services
Project Proponent:  Download, complete, and submit GHG CleanProjects® Registry Application Form (including all applicable Schedules)  
Internal administration and processing of Application Form including activating a GHG CleanProjects® Registry project account for the Service Recipient. $200.00*  
Public posting of project information for display on the publicly accessible portion of the Registry in accordance with Subsection 2.5(d) of the Agreement:
Display the  preliminary project information (prevalidation) $250.00*
Display the Display GHG Report (14064-2 section 5.13b) (prevalidation) $250.00*
Display the validation report (14064-2 section 5.13a) (validation) $250.00*
If required:  
Display a new or updated GHG Report or Validation Report. Update the Account. $250.00*
Change the Account Statement relating to the ownership or status of the Project, the Project Proponent, the Authorized Project Contact, or other parameter $250.00*
If required:  
Delist the Project and provide Project-related communications and notices outlined in the detailed Delisting instructions set out in the Service Recipient's Notice of Registry Account Instructions to one Person or entity.  Communications may include:
  1. providing notice of Project Delisting to an Alternate Registry or other entity;
  2. confirmation of the Registry's prior listing of the Project; or
  3. other communications agreed to by the Parties.
[further Project-related communications to additional Persons/entities shall be charged a fee to be agreed to by the Parties on a per communication basis]
List additional documents, GHG assertions, and reports (other than a Verification Report, which shall accompany the listing of any VERRs) as agreed upon by the Parties. Fee to be agreed to by the Parties.
VERR Related services  
Serialize and display VERRs, post the corresponding Verification Report(s), update Account Statement $0.05/VERR
Delist specified quantities and relevant serial numbers of VERRs
Included in the fee for Listing and serializing VERRs
Delist, retire, and identify as retired, specified quantities and relevant serial numbers of VERRs
Included in the fee for Listing and serializing VERRs
Additional Services  
Additional GHG Programme Requirements as identified by the Service Recipient and agreed to by the Service Provider. Fee to be agreed upon by the Parties

* This fee applies for the duration that the Project is Listed and will not be payable again if the Parties enter into a new agreement pursuant to Section 13.1.