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Rife Resources Solution Gas Capture and Destruction Offset Project
Project Identifier
Project Description
The project involves capture and destruction of gas volumes that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere, thereby, achieving GHG emissions reductions.
Project Files
CPR – GHG Report (2020)
CPR – Verification Report (2020)
Registry: GHG CleanProjects Registry  
Type: Methane Venting Reduction Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: Modern West Advisory Inc.
Latitude: 53.054318 Map
Validator: None defined Longitude: 109.561494
Verifier: None defined Project Proponent: Rife Resources Ltd.
Start Date: 2020-01-01 End Date: 2025-12-31
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions-removals: 18,000 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions-removals: 3,572 t CO2 e
Serial Number Ascending VERR
Vintage Year Descending
Company Name Unsorted Status Unsorted Quantity in
t CO2 e Unsorted
9823-2506-000-011-864-623 to 9823-2506-000-011-868-194 2020 Rife Resources Ltd. Registered (Proponent) 3,572
Total Serialized VERRs for this project that have been Registered (Proponent): 3,572

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