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Project Details

Title: Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. Tillage Project #29 Project Identifier: 1339-2477

Project Description

Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. uses the Alberta Government approved protocols - Specified Gas Emitters Regulation Quantification Protocol for Conversation Cropping Version 1.0 April 2012 for quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emission offsets.

Project Files

Alberta - Project Plan (Project #1339-2477)
Alberta - Offset Project Report (2015 - 2018)
Alberta - Aggregated Report Sheet
Alberta - Verification Report (2015 - 2018)
Alberta - Statutory Declaration
Registry: Alberta Emissions Offset Registry  
Type: Reduced-till agriculture Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: None defined Latitude: None Defined
Validator: None defined Longitude: None Defined
Verifier: AET Group Inc.
Project Proponent: Carbon Credit Solutions Inc.
Start Date: 2015-01-01 End Date: 2020-12-31
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions-removals: 600,000 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions-removals: 100,000 t CO2 e
Serial Number Ascending VERR
Vintage Year Descending
Company Name Unsorted Status Unsorted Quantity in
t CO2 e Unsorted
1339-2477-000-029-621-971 to 1339-2477-000-029-747-902 2018 Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. Registered (Proponent) 125,932
1339-2477-000-029-591-925 to 1339-2477-000-029-621-970 2017 Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. Registered (Proponent) 30,046
1339-2477-000-029-565-621 to 1339-2477-000-029-578-924 2016 JBS Food Canada ULC Registered (Others) 13,304
1339-2477-000-029-554-599 to 1339-2477-000-029-565-620 2015 JBS Food Canada ULC Registered (Others) 11,022
Total Serialized VERRs for this project that have been Registered (Proponent): 155,978 , Registered (Other): 24,326

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