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Title: Multimodal transport on the Magdalena River by Impala Terminals Project Identifier: 3571-9025

Project Description

The Impala Terminals project is the implementation of a single integral and efficient multimodal system that connects the inland industry with ocean ports in a regular and reliable way and that drives the development of riverside municipalities. The project makes transport more efficient, which allows more cargo to be transported with lower fuel consumption, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of cargo transported. The project involves transporting liquid cargo by tanker trucks to the new river port terminal in Barrancabermeja, so that from this point the cargo is transported on barges driven by tugboats along the Magdalena River to the ocean ports, rather than by road.

Project Files

CPR – GHG Report (2015 - 2017)
CPR – Verification Report (2015 - 2017)
Registry: GHG CleanProjects Registry  
Type: Intermodal transportation Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: None defined Latitude: 7.098653 Map
Validator: None defined Longitude: -73.892951
Verifier: Ruby Canyon Environmental
Project Proponent: None defined
Start Date: 2015-06-19 End Date: 2025-06-18
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions-removals: 943,375 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions-removals: 94,338 t CO2 e
Serial Number Ascending VERR
Vintage Year Descending
Company Name Unsorted Status Unsorted Quantity in
t CO2 e Unsorted
3571-9025-000-008-254-001 to 3571-9025-000-008-299-340 2017 Impala Terminals Colombia S.A.S. Registered (Proponent) 45,340
3571-9025-000-008-234-326 to 3571-9025-000-008-254-000 2016 Impala Terminals Colombia S.A.S. Registered (Proponent) 19,675
3571-9025-000-008-232-975 to 3571-9025-000-008-234-325
IMPALA TERMINALS COLOMBIA S.A.S. will use 2015 VERR's retirement for tax purposes in Colombia
2015 Impala Terminals Colombia S.A.S. Retired 1,351
Total Serialized VERRs for this project that have been Registered (Proponent): 65,015 , Retired: 1,351

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