GHG CleanProjects® Registry

VERR Serial Number: 3571-9025-000-008-234-326 to 3571-9025-000-008-237-391
IMPALA TERMINALS COLOMBIA S.A.S. will use 2016 VERR's retirement for tax purposes in Colombia
VERR Title: Multimodal transport on the Magdalena River by Impala Terminals
VERR Quantity: 3,066  t CO2e
VERR Vintage Year: 2016
Status: Retired
Recipient: Impala Terminals Colombia S.A.S.
Project Start date: 2015 06 19
Project End date: 2025 06 18
Latitude: 7.098653   Map
Longitude: -73.892951
Province: Santander
Country: Colombia