GHG CleanProjects® Registry

VERR Serial Number: 4260-8198-000-010-767-979 to 4260-8198-000-010-768-955
Retirement in favour of Organizaion Terpel S.A. (NIT 830095213-0) for neutralization of the GHG emissions associated, to be used by Ingenio Providencia SA (NIT 891300238-6), in order to not cause the national carbon tax.
VERR Title: Hydroelectric Aures Bajo
VERR Quantity: 977  t CO2e
VERR Vintage Year: 2020
Status: Retired
Recipient: Ingenio Providencia S.A.
Project Start date: 2018 12 12
Project End date: 2028 12 11
Latitude: 1128234.47 N   Map
Longitude: 855100.22 E
Province: Municipalities of Sonson and Abejorral
Country: Colombia