GHG CleanProjects® Registry

Validation Guidance

Validation and verification using ISO 14064-3 are similar processes but with different focus areas.  The guidance offered in this section is intended to assist project developers (proponents) and validators through the process of validation.   In order to increase the consistency and credibility of the projects and project documents that are listed on the GHG CleanProjects® Registry it is recommended that project developers (proponents) and validators consider that the project undergo both a third-party validation and a third-party verification. 

Consistent with section 5.13 of ISO 14064-2, the reporting of the GHG project can be presented in one of two formats: 

Further guidance on validation:

As per the requirements of ISO 14064-3, a project developer (proponent) and the validator must agree on

The following is a list of those organizations that have been identified as validators for GHG emission removals/reductions projects listed in the GHG CleanProjects® Registry.

If project developers require assistance finding a validator or verifier that has been involved in the evaluation of greenhouse gas emission reducing-removing projects, please visit the list of prequalified consultants that the Government of Canada Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) office has publicly posted.

Note: this reference is only provided for those that require some assistance in locating a validator or verifier and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive list.