GHG CleanProjects® Registry

Verification Guidance

Verification using ISO 14064-3 is different than validation. Verification is the act of verifying what has already occurred after the project has been implemented. The verification should be focused on data and is meant to determine if the assertion is accurate, complete, consistent, relevant and transparent, rather than if a set of practices is fully implemented and established. The verification process determines whether or not there are material discrepancies between what is claimed, and what the verifiers discover by executing a systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a greenhouse gas assertion against agreed verification criteria.

As per the requirements of ISO 14064-3, a project developer (proponent) and the verifier must agree on the verification objectives, scope, criteria and level of assurance. The following guidance and requirements are intended to assist project developers (proponents) and verifiers through the process of verification. Effective January 1, 2012 it will be necessary that all Verification Report submissions follow the Verification Report Template for when preparing the Verification Report for submission.

GHG CleanProjects™ requires that the Verification Report:

In addition, the verifier must establish the materiality threshold required by the intended users while considering the parameters already agreed upon with the client. ISO 14064-3 provides a set of requirements and an extensive informative annex to help guide verifiers through the process of verifying a GHG project and GHG assertion. In order to increase the consistency and credibility of the Verified Emission Reductions or Removals (VERRs) that are listed on the GHG CleanProjects™ it is recommended that verifiers follow the guidance in the informative annex of the 14064-3 standard when implementing the requirements of the standard.

As a project proponent, you may request that the verifier demonstrate competence to perform the verification, including participation in training or certification relevant to the use and applicability of the ISO 14064 series of standards. CSA Group Commercial Services offer training in English and French on ISO 14064 standards series. These courses are complementary to accreditation programs for verification bodies.

ISO 14064-3 requires that the principles of independence, ethical conduct, due professional care and fair presentation be followed. Therefore, conflict of interest must be addressed prior to verifications of the GHG Project, GHG Report, and GHG assertion.

The following is a list of those organizations that have been identified as third-party verifiers for GHG emission removals/reductions projects listed in the GHG CleanProjects® Registry .

If project developers require assistance finding a validator or verifier that has been involved in the evaluation of greenhouse gas emission reducing-removing projects, please visit the list of prequalified consultants that the Government of Canada Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) office has publicly posted.

Note: this reference is only provided for those that require some assistance in locating a validator or verifier and is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive list.