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CarbonCounted is a Canadian not-for-profit organization. We enable businesses to calculate their carbon emissions with our leading web application and unique, standard-independent method.

Businesses, typically in coordination with approved consulting firms, can quickly, easily and accurately complete GHG inventories and Product Carbon Footprints. The system enables businesses to:

- Third-party verify emissions in the system, archive and run sophisticated reports

- Measure and manage the emission data of their supply chain

- Submit reports to registries including CSA Standards' GHG Registries

- Work within their industry and across sectors to establish baselines, averages and identify best practices

CarbonCounted currently supports over 4,500 Sites from around the world including over a dozen TSX60 companies.

Platform is available, supported and serviced worldwide.

Contact Name: Steve Cox
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario
Web Site:

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CSA Registered Carbon Neutral Program Registry

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GHG CleanStart® Registry

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GHG CleanProjects® Registry

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