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Oxford Consulting Group Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Oxford Consulting Group offers 4 Environmental Sustainability Services:

1. Sustainability Strategy & Planning

OCG helps organizations develop sustainability strategies which engage stakeholders and partners, and leverage core competencies to create superior shareholder and societal value.

2. Environmental Performance Benchmarking

OCG works with organizations to define relevant environmental measures such as water consumption, waste diversion, air emissions, energy utilization, greenhouse gas creation and packaging utilization. OCG assesses current performance against these measures.

3. Environmental Management System (EMS)

OCG helps organizations determine their EMS requirements through conducting a gap analysis between the ISO 14001 standard and current practices. OCG then works with organizations to design, develop, and implement EMS' tailored to their operational needs.

4. Supply Chain Eco-Alignment

OCG works directly with organizations' customers and suppliers to assess how best to integrate environmental initiatives, with the goal of reducing their collective environmental footprint.

Contact Name: Steve Walker
Contact email: [email protected]
City: London
Province: Ontario
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