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CarbonInvest is an environmental strategy group of professionals that provide support and partnership in sustainable development. We act as an innovative platform in which we help make possible the reduction of ecological footprint for any type of businesses and organization.

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CarbonInvest offers an array of services for all categories of greenhouse gases (GHG) related programs and projects. CarbonInvest can assist companies and organizations with environmental management system (ISO 14001), carbon neutrality initiatives and environmental strategies.


CarbonInvest offers quantification and validation expertise for GHG inventory and GHG reduction projects. CarbonInvest uses established standards such as ISO 14064, GHG Protocol and IPCC Guidelines.
CarbonInvest can also assist you with CDM and JI projects.


CarbonInvest maximizes the value of your company's assets. CarbonInvest put these assets to work to finance your energy efficiency investments and renewable energy projects and improve your return on investment. CarbonInvest is aligned with a large Canadian financial firm focused on carbon finance solutions for qualified carbon reduction projects.


Looking for carbon investment opportunities? CarbonInvest has local and international carbon projects that will suit your investment needs.

Contact Name: Roger Champoux
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Montréal
Province: Québec
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