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Established in 1981, Econoler specializes in the development and implementation of projects and programs that generate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions or carbon credits and related services of strategic, planning and emission calculations support. Econoler has been operating for years on the carbon markets established under the Kyoto Protocol, including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI). Econoler has a strong expertise in the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and measurement plans of emissions reduction projects. Econoler also has good experience with the European exchange market and the various voluntary carbon markets. Econoler follows the evolution of the Canadian market and the methods and policies in place for establishing carbon inventories in the Western Climate Initiative and RGGI. Econoler also provides services for the preparation of projects or programs for energy efficiency, clean production, energy services enterprises' operation and energy policies and regulations.

Contact Name: Myriam LeBlanc
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Québec
Province: Québec
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