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ZEROCO2 offers consultation services to a targeted clientele concerning their specific needs in the fight against climate change, such as: carrying out a GHG emissions assessment, developing source emissions reduction strategies, or evaluating the most beneficial compensation solutions.

ZEROCO2 is also the best performing greenhouse gas offset and climate change program around. Its hybrid offset model, including the planting of trees and the purchase of high quality carbon credits, represents the most complete offering in North America and allows you to act on all fronts in the fight against climate change.

Combined with this rigorous compensation solution through the planting of trees, proven communication and promotional strategies generate positive benefits that surpass the initial value of the client's investments. Moreover, the program makes it possible to integrate this into the marketing of consumer goods, offering infinite brand promotion possibilities for any sector.

Contact Name: Sebastien Leonard
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Montréal
Province: Québec
Web Site:

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