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Amberg Environmental and Regulatory Consultants

Amberg Environmental and Regulatory Consultants


Amberg Corp provides businesses with technical knowledge and industrial expertise that is necessary for accurate environmental management. The majority of our projects are related to the oil and gas industry and power generating industry in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.


We operate in a fast paced and ever changing world. We will strive to be leaders and innovators in our industry and be proactive in meeting change and adapt to meet opportunity.

Contact Name: Trevor Cavanaugh
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Web Site:

Registry Listing/Linkages

Alberta Emissions Offset Registry
2015 City of Medicine Hat Engine Fuel Management and Vent Gas Capture Project
Verifier Victor Ladipo - [email protected]
Advantage Glacier Acid Gas Injection Offset Project
Verifier Trevor Cavanaugh - [email protected]
CO2 Capture from Prentiss1 for EOR
Verifier Frank Kloiber - [email protected]
CO2 Capture from Prentiss2 for EOR
Verifier Frank Kloiber - [email protected]

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