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Slave Lake Pulp - a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd

Mechanical Pulp Mill

Contact Name: Rod Albers
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Slave Lake
Province: Alberta
Web Site:

Registry Listing/Linkages

Alberta Emissions Offset Registry
Biomethanation with Power Generation
Project Primary Contact Mohammed Raza - [email protected]
Low Consistency Refining (LCR) Project
Project Primary Contact Mohammed Raza - [email protected]
Slave Lake Pulp Energy Efficiency Project
Project Primary Contact Mohammed Raza - [email protected]


Project: Low Consistency Refining (LCR) Project STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   2772-6713-000-032-344-591 to 2772-6713-000-032-406-039 Active 2018 61,449 t CO2e
61,449 t CO2e
Project: Biomethanation with Power Generation STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   4254-7313-000-028-123-355 to 4254-7313-000-028-127-991 Pending Retirement 2017 4,637 t CO2e
   4254-7313-000-032-406-040 to 4254-7313-000-032-406-222 Pending Retirement 2018 183 t CO2e
   4254-7313-000-032-406-223 to 4254-7313-000-032-419-049 Active 2018 12,827 t CO2e
17,647 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 79,096 t CO2e

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