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Quality Inn and Suites Brantford

Contact Name: Paul deVries
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Brantford
Province: Ontario
Web Site:


Natural Gas Combined Cycled Power Generation Plant STATUS YEAR t CO2e
7732-0939-000-000-098-512 to 7732-0939-000-000-099-016 Retired 2007 505 t CO2e
505 t CO2e
Recycled/Transformed foodstuffs intended for the animals process by Prorec inc. STATUS YEAR t CO2e
1538-2445-000-000-012-819 to 1538-2445-000-000-012-833 Retired 2009 15 t CO2e
15 t CO2e
East Landfill - Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization Project STATUS YEAR t CO2e
8047-8047-000-000-014-595 to 8047-8047-000-000-014-608 Retired 2009 14 t CO2e
14 t CO2e
Bison Transport GHG Emissions Reductions Project STATUS YEAR t CO2e
0709-1075-000-000-015-015 to 0709-1075-000-000-015-042 Retired 2010 28 t CO2e
28 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 28 t CO2e

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