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Green Chem Consultants Inc.

Green Chem consultants Inc. has a professional group working on GHG projects. All group members have GHG knowledge gained through research, literature, conference participation and experience.

Our company is developing a functional lab with advanced equipment such as ICP-OES, carbon-nitrogen analyzer, PCR and a 50 inch minimal disturbance soil collection probe. The organic and inorganic carbon concentration from any source can be analyzed by these instruments. Therefore, carbon sequestration and GHG emission reduction can be quantified based on protocols.

We are also looking for an air quality analyzer to detect GHG concentration according to US EPA and GB methods. The concentration of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous gas from the emitting sources can be directly tested using the air quality analyzer, which is able to provide reliable data to support GHG validation and verification.

Based on the GHG knowledge and methodologies, we are looking forward to providing service in accordance with ISO 14064. The checklist of the services we are able to provide are:

Contact Name: Rachel Liu
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Sedley
Province: Saskatchewan
Web Site:

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GHG CleanProjectsTM
Conservative no-till practices performed at Saskatchewan’s farmlands for greenhouse gas emission reductions
Verifier Rachel Liu - [email protected]
Food and organic waste diversion through aerobic compost process
Verifier Rachel Liu - [email protected]
Production and utilization of biochar as a stable soil amendment for GHG Emission Reductions
Verifier Rachel Liu - [email protected]
Sequestration of carbon from a product containing humate and composted food/organic waste and crop growing activities from different crops growing operation
Verifier Rachel Liu - [email protected]

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