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Environment Canada

Contact Name: Vincenza Galatone
Contact email: [email protected]
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Green Power Procurement STATUS YEAR t CO2e
G-AAA-0005-0000000000000001 to G-AAA-0005-0000000000000427 Active 1997 427 t CO2e
427 t CO2e
Clear-Green Biogas Digester Project STATUS YEAR t CO2e
V-AAA-0041-0000000000000078 to V-AAA-0041-0000000000000469 Retired 2003 392 t CO2e
392 t CO2e
Brazil Biomass Energy STATUS YEAR t CO2e
V-AAA-0001-0000000000000001 to V-AAA-0001-0000000000001400 Retired 2002 1,400 t CO2e
1,400 t CO2e
Telegi Village Biomass Gasifier STATUS YEAR t CO2e
V-AAA-0003-0000000000000001 to V-AAA-0003-0000000000000213 Retired 2002 213 t CO2e
213 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 2,432 t CO2e

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