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University Health Network [formerly Toronto Hospital]

Contact Name: Edward Rubenstein
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario
Web Site:


University Health Network - Direct Emission Reductions STATUS YEAR t CO2e
P-AAA-0012-0000000000000894 to P-AAA-0012-0000000000000992 Active 1996 99 t CO2e
P-AAA-0012-0000000000001189 to P-AAA-0012-0000000000001320 Active 1997 132 t CO2e
231 t CO2e
University Health Network - Indirect Emission Reductions STATUS YEAR t CO2e
P-AAA-0013-0000000000012603 to P-AAA-0013-0000000000014002 Active 1996 1,400 t CO2e
P-AAA-0013-0000000000016311 to P-AAA-0013-0000000000018122 Active 1997 1,812 t CO2e
3,212 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 3,443 t CO2e

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