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Banque Nationale du Canada

Contact Name: André Longpré
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Montréal
Province: Québec
Web Site:


Project: Substitution of synthetic refrigerants by CO2 and propylene glycol in refrigeration systems in a series of supermarkets owned by or affiliated to Sobeys STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000000001 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000009249 Retired 2011 9,249 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000000001 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000005079 Retired 2009 5,079 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000000001 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000004676 Retired 2010 4,676 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000000001 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000002740 Retired 2008 2,740 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000000001 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000001736 Retired 2007 1,736 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000000001 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000000769 Retired 2006 769 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000004677 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000010427 Retired 2010 5,751 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000000009250 to R-AAA-0085-0000000000016481 Retired 2011 7,232 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000011962660 to R-AAA-0085-0000000011970427 Retired 2012 7,768 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000011970428 to R-AAA-0085-0000000011983402 Retired 2012 12,975 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000012073403 to R-AAA-0085-0000000012075427 Retired 2013 2,025 t CO2e
   R-AAA-0085-0000000012075428 to R-AAA-0085-0000000012090427 Retired 2013 15,000 t CO2e
75,000 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 75,000 t CO2e

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