GHG CleanProjects(tm) Registry

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True North Offsets Limited

Contact Name: Konrad Mech
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario

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GHG CleanProjectsTM
Ride Green® with Tire-Gard® with Nitrogen Tire Inflation
Project Primary Contact Konrad Mech - [email protected]


Project: Ride Green® with Tire-Gard® with Nitrogen Tire Inflation STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   3185-9581-0000000000000401 to 3185-9581-0000000000000411 Active 2005 11 t CO2e
   3185-9581-0000000000000412 to 3185-9581-0000000000002211 Active 2006 1,800 t CO2e
   3185-9581-0000000000002212 to 3185-9581-0000000000012762 Active 2007 10,551 t CO2e
   3185-9581-0000000000012763 to 3185-9581-0000000000038252 Active 2008 25,490 t CO2e
37,852 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 37,852 t CO2e

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