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FortisAlberta Inc.

FortisAlberta is a regulated electricity distribution utility in the Province of Alberta. Its business is the ownership and operation of electricity distribution facilities that distribute electricity, generated by other market participants, from high-voltage transmission substations to end-use customers.

The Corporation is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortis, a diversified, international electricity and gas distribution utility holding company having investments in distribution, transmission and generation utilities.

Contact Name: Denis Andre
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta

Registry Listing/Linkages

Alberta Emissions Offset Registry
FortisAlberta Inc. Energy Efficiency Offset Project
Owner Denis Andre - [email protected]


Project: FortisAlberta Inc. Energy Efficiency Offset Project STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   3092-1934-0000000034143347 to 3092-1934-0000000034162191 Active 2019 18,845 t CO2e
18,845 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 18,845 t CO2e

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