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Caledonian Midstream Corporation

Oil and gas exploration, production and midstream. The Company's core asset is the Quirk Creek gas plant and field.

Contact Name: Mark Smith
Contact email: [email protected]
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta


Project: Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. Tillage Project #29 STATUS YEAR t CO2e
   1339-2477-0000000029578925 to 1339-2477-0000000029585924 Pending Retirement 2016 7,000 t CO2e
   1339-2477-0000000029585925 to 1339-2477-0000000029591924 Pending Retirement 2017 6,000 t CO2e
   1339-2477-0000000029591925 to 1339-2477-0000000029594704 Pending Retirement 2017 2,780 t CO2e
15,780 t CO2e
Total VERRs/RERs 15,780 t CO2e

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