EPD Details

Title: Prelco's Prel-Gard, Prel-Lam and Prel-Unit processed glass
Registration #4761-4853
Approval Date:July 21, 2021
Verifier Name:ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
Reference PCR PCR Guidance for Building-Related Products and Services, Part B: Processed Glass
EPD: download (English Version)
Project Description
The EPD covers Prel-Gard tempered glass, Prel-Lam laminated glass and Prel-UniT insulating glass. Prelco’s processed glasses are made of flat glass, tempered or non tempered, which meets ASTM C1036-21 Standard Specification for Flat Glass. The glass can be uncoated or coated with a Prel-Design coating made of ceramic enamel frit (silkscreened) or ceramic ink (digital printing).

More specifically, Prel-Gard tempered glass is a monolithic glass four times stronger than annealed glass. In case of breakage, tempered glass shatters safely into small blunt fragments, minimizing the risk of personal injury. Prel-Lam laminated glass is an assembly of at least two lites of glass bonded with one or more interlayers.

Finally, Prel-UniT insulating glass consists of assembling two or more individual glass separated by a dehydrated and hermetically sealed air space, which makes a significant impact on a building’s energy consumption.
Prelco's Prel-Gard, Prel-Lam and Prel-Unit processed glass