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Title: Hardwood Flooring: Solid Construction
Registration #5911-4439
Approval Date:March 29, 2022
Verifier Name:CIRAIG - Polytechnique Montréal
Reference PCR ULE General Program Instructions v2.3, February 2018 PCR for Building-Related Products and Services in: Part A: Life Cycle Assessment Calculation Rules and Report Requirements. Version 3.2 and Part B: Flooring EPD Requirements. Version 2.0. (UL Environment, December 2018 to December 2023).
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Project Description
1.1 - Hardwood Flooring Construction
Lauzon prefinished solid hardwood flooring is unmatched for its extraordinary beauty and timeless elegance. The precise milling and expert craftmanship of a Lauzon solid hardwood floor will ensure problem-free installation when installed on, or above grade.

1.2 Hardwood Flooring - 7/16 Engineered Construction
Engineered floor combine the classic appearance of solid hardwood with the added benefit of technology to create more stability in any area of your home. They are offered in wider and longer planks which is a popular choice in expansive spaces.

1.3 - Hardwood Flooring - Solid 2-ply Construction
Wholly manufactured in Canada, the Lauzon Solid 2-ply construction meets the needs and requirements of contractors. A hardwood floor that combines the rich look of solid hardwood floor with the stability of an engineered hardwood floor.
Hardwood Flooring: Solid Construction