Title: Cassara Slabs and Boulevard Pavers
Registration #7583-3648
Approval Date:January 9, 2017
Verifier Name:ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
Reference PCR Product Category Rules (PCR) For Preparing an Environmental Product Declaration for: Segmental Concrete Paving Products ASTM International April, 2015 to March, 2020 UN CPC 3755
Project Description
Cassara slabs exist in three (3) different colors, namely beige, grey and black. They are available in various dimensions, but with constant thickness and width of 60 mm and 300 mm respectively, and a length varying between 400 mm and 700 mm. (see:
Boulevard pavers are available in thirteen (13) colors: cinder grey, charcoal, light charcoal, salmon, brown, red, beige grey, beige, Shefford beige, Cambrian black, Cambrian brown, light grey and Stanstead grey. They are manufactured in a wide variety of length and width, and their thickness can vary between 80 mm and 200 mm. (see:
Cassara Slabs and Boulevard Pavers