EPD Details

Title: Richmond Cement Plant, GU and GUL cements
Company:Lafarge Canada Inc
Registration #9798-5018
Approval Date:August 28, 2019
Verifier Name:ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
Reference PCR Product Category Rules for Preparing an Environmental Product Declaration for Portland, Blended Hydraulic, Masonry, Mortar, and Plastic (Stucco) Cements (UN CPC 3744)
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Project Description
Portland and Portland-limestone cements are hydraulic cements which, when mixed with water, form a paste which sets and hardens. When such a paste is mixed with aggregates, such as sand, gravel, or other granular materials, it acts as an adhesive, forming a rock like substance called concrete, a flexible and durable construction material. Lafarge Canada Inc produces both Portland (Type GU/Type I) and Portland-limestone (Type GUL/Type IL) cements at the Richmond Cement Plant. Richmond Cement Plant, GU and GUL cements