EPD Details

Title: Avenue PM, Avenue RG, Citadin PM and Prestige PM
Company:Béton Bolduc
Registration #7491-4165
Approval Date:March 15, 2020
Verifier Name:ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
Reference PCR Segmental Concrete Paving Products (UN CPC 3755) ASTM International April 2015 to March 2020
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Project Description
Prestige PM and Citadin PM square-shaped paver and slabs, with their well-defined plane surfaces, fit well with contemporary, refined decors. Available in grenart finish (Prestige PM) or smooth finish (Citadin PM), a range of colors and two thicknesses (65 mm and 80 mm)

The Avenue PM and Avenue RG paver, slab and plank are the ideal products to use for landscaping parks, passageways, alleyways, streets or parking areas. Their modular component paving system offers multiple installation possibilities for the most creative patterns. Available in grenart and smooth finish for Avenue PM and regular and grenart finish for Avenue RG, a range of colors and 100 mm thick.
Avenue PM, Avenue RG, Citadin PM and Prestige PM