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Title: NOROC® & NOREX® Insulated Metal Panels and NORBEC Camlock Panels
Company:Norbec Architectural Inc
Registration #3892-5013
Approval Date:April 20, 2020
Verifier Name:ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
Reference PCR PCR Guidance for Building-Related Products and Services - Part B: Insulated Metal Panels, Metal Composite Panels, and Metal Cladding: Roof and Wall Panels UL Environment October 23, 2018 to October 23, 2023
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Project Description
NOROC® panels are high-performance fire-rated metal insulated architectural panels with a mineral core. They are available in different thicknesses and with L joint, a vertical mounting made for outdoor walls, interior partitions and interior ceilings.

NOREX® panels are polyisocyanurate (polyurethane) core panel designed for highly efficient buildings. In addition to offering unparalleled thermal value, this panel provides fire and rain protection barriers as well as being wind and tear resistant because of its exclusive anchoring system when installed. This product is designed with an equalization compartment preventing water from being aspired inward therefore reducing the risk of penetration and moisture.

NORBEC camlock panels are insulated metal panels made up of a closed-cell polyurethane core eliminating any possible moisture accumulation. Panel joints used along with integrated camlocks provide a water and vapor proof seal required for all types of environments. Furthermore, the elimination of thermal bridges results in efficient insulation which leads to reduced energy costs. NORBEC camlock panels are custom made for walk-in freezers.
NOROC® & NOREX® Insulated Metal Panels and NORBEC Camlock Panels