Titre : Prefabricated light wood frame open wall
Entreprise :QWEB - Quebec Wood Export Bureau
Date d'approbation5904-2825
Date d'approbation :November 22, 2017
Nom du vérificateur :ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
PCR(s) de référence North American Structural and Architectural Wood Products (version 2.0), CPC code: 31, NAICS 321 FP Innovations Valid until April 30, 2018
Description du projet
Light wood frame prefabricated open walls as classified under UN CPC Code 31 and NAICS 321, and specified by CSA 086-14 and NBC 2010 standards.
These products are manufactured in Quebec, Canada with mainly softwood lumber, oriented strand board (OSB), softwood plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and are used for residential and commercial buildings.
Prefabricated light wood frame open wall