Titre : Hydrotech - MM6125® Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt
Entreprise :Hydrotech Membrane Corporation
Date d'approbation5064-6251
Date d'approbation :March 12, 2018
Nom du vérificateur :ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
PCR(s) de référence Product Category Rules For Preparing an Environmental Product Declaration for Water-Resistive and Air Barriers, version 1 By ASTM International (2017) Valid until September 2022
Description du projet
Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125® (MM6125®), the original hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane, has been entrusted for more than 50 years with keeping high profile structures around the globe watertight. Monolithic Membrane 6125® is designed for use as a waterproofing and roofing membrane, typically on concrete structures in vertical and horizontal applications such as roof decks, parking decks, reflecting pools, plazas, mechanical room sub-floors, foundation walls, mud slabs, tunnels or planters.

Manufacturer Keywords: Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt Membrane, Waterproofing Membrane, Roofing Membrane, Hydrotech Membrane, Monolithic Membrane, MM6125EU, Protected Membrane Roof.
Hydrotech - MM6125® Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt