Titre : Sika cementitious solutions for concrete repair and maintenance
Entreprise :Sika Canada Inc.
Date d'approbation1981-7713
Date d'approbation :July 10, 2019
Nom du vérificateur :ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute
PCR(s) de référence 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (version 2.3) UN CPC code: 375 The International EPD® System Valid until March 3, 2020
Description du projet
This EPD covers 16 cementitious products used for new constructions and refurbishment works, including concrete repair products (mortars and concrete) for horizontal, vertical or overhead applications, underlayments/screeds, anchoring and post-tensioning grouts and anti-corrosion protection agents/coatings.
• Sikacrete®-08 SCC
• Sikacrete®-211 Flow PLUS
• Sikafloor® Level-25CA
• Sikafloor® Level-50CA
• SikaGrout®-212
• SikaGrout®-212 HP
• SikaGrout®-277 Cable
• SikaGrout®-300 PT
• Sika® Level-125CA
• Sika MonoTop®-622 F
• Sika MonoTop®-623 F
• SikaQuick®-1000
• SikaTop®-121 PLUS
• SikaTop®-122 PLUS
• SikaTop®-123 PLUS (picture)
• SikaTop® Armatec-110 EpoCem®
Sika cementitious solutions for concrete repair and maintenance