As a Program Operator, CSA Group can facilitate the development of your PCR. We can also register and publish your verified EPDs.

The Following Steps are Required to Develop and Register an EPD with CSA Group
EPD Path

EPDs registered with CSA Group will be posted on our EPD registry and will receive a CSA Group Registered EPD label.

Sample Lable

You'll need these documents to register an EPD with CSA Group:

  • Completed EPD that follows CSA Group's template
  • Verification report covering the LCA and EPD
  • Completed application documents
  • Photo and short description of product or service to be registered
Next Steps
Click here to view the FAQs for CSA Group's PCR development and EPD registry

Please click on the following links to download the EPD registry application documents:

For more information on PCR development, EPD registration or Program Operator rules, contact us.

About EPDs and PCRs

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EPD Registration Process

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Verifier Information

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EPD Registry Listings

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Product Category Rule (PCR)
A document that establishes the requirements for performing a LCA and developing an EPD for a defined category of products.
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Study determining the environmental impacts of a product at specified stages of its lifecycle, from raw material acquisition through production, use and end-of-life.
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Third party verified public statement, based on a LCA, that summarizes a product's environmental impact – enabling comparisons between similar products.