GHG Reductions Registry

The Registry is a listing and delisting service for Projects and Verified Emission Reductions-Removals (VERRs) only. It was created to allow entities to register and showcase Projects and serialize VERRs. The GHG CleanProjects® Registry provides no services and undertakes no activities whatsoever in relation to facilitating the trading of VERRs and associated contracts and products. It does not constitute an exchange, a clearinghouse, a dealer, an advisor, a trader or any other form of market participants related to such transactions. The GHG CleanProjects® Registry has no commercial interest in the delivery, transfer or use of VERRs by the Project Proponents, responsible parties and intended users other than the listing and delisting of the projects and VERRs in accordance with the instructions of the Project Proponent or its Authorized Project Contact and the terms and conditions of the GHG CleanProjects® Service Agreement.

The GHG CleanProjects® Registry (the "Registry") and Canadian Standards Association ("CSA") are not responsible for the content of any of the information which is posted on the Registry. Neither the Registry nor CSA bears any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and currency of such information and for the use of or reliance on such information by any party.