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AMCO Farms Biomass Project
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The project consists of the generation of thermal energy from 3 biomass combustion units located at the AMCO Farms greenhouse facilities in Leamington, Ontario, wholly owned and operated by AMCO Farms Inc. The biomass combustion units typically generate 350,000 - 400,000 GJ of heat for the greenhouses per year depending on downtime and displace the majority of fossil fuel usage at the site. The use of renewable biomass residues to heat the greenhouse operations avoids anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from the business as usual practice of burning fossil fuels for heat generation.
Project Files
GHG Report (2005-2009) - english
Verification Report (2005-2009) - english
Notice of Creation (2005-2009)
Registry: GHG Reductions Registry  
Type: Biomass Energy Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: Blue Source Canada ULC
Latitude: None Defined
Validator: None defined Longitude: None Defined
Verifier: ICF Consulting Canada
Project Proponent: AMCO Farms Inc.
Start Date: 2005-01-01 End Date: 2013-05-01
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions-removals: 200,000 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions-removals: 25,000 t CO2 e
Serial Number Ascending RER
Vintage Year Descending
Company Name Unsorted Status Unsorted Quantity in
t CO2 e Unsorted
R-AAA-0065-000-000-000-001 to R-AAA-0065-000-000-015-550
(R-AAA-0065-R-2007-00000001 to R-AAA-0065-R-2007-00015550)
2007 Summitt Energy LP Registered (Others) 15,550
R-AAA-0065-000-011-958-793 to R-AAA-0065-000-011-961-508 2007 Summitt Home Services LP Registered (Others) 2,716
R-AAA-0065-000-000-000-001 to R-AAA-0065-000-000-007-200
(R-AAA-0065-R-2006-00000001 to R-AAA-0065-R-2006-00007200)
2006 Summitt Energy LP Registered (Others) 7,200
R-AAA-0065-000-000-007-201 to R-AAA-0065-000-000-024-600
(R-AAA-0065-R-2006-00007201 to R-AAA-0065-R-2006-00024600)
2006 Summitt Energy LP Registered (Others) 17,400
R-AAA-0065-000-000-024-601 to R-AAA-0065-000-000-027-100
(R-AAA-0065-R-2006-00024601 to R-AAA-0065-R-2006-00027100)
2006 Summitt Energy LP Registered (Others) 2,500
R-AAA-0065-000-011-956-091 to R-AAA-0065-000-011-958-792 2006 Summitt Home Services LP Registered (Others) 2,702
Total Serialized RERs for this project that have been Registered (Other): 48,068

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