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New Brunswick - Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission - Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
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FRSWC is committed to continuous improvement and strongly believes there is room to increase the annual tonnage of materials coming into the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) thereby increasing the annual diversion rate of solid waste going into the landfill.
The FRSWC MRF, although operating with modern equipment, is operating at capacity for the current facility setup. By investing in storage enhancements and thereby increasing the facility's product throughput capability, the Commission could actively target other areas of the population and business community to increase the amount of recycled materials coming into the MRF. It is estimated that annual tonnage could be increased by over 25 percent in less than 5 years taking it from 6,000 to over 8,000 metric tonnes.
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Registry: GHG Reductions Registry  
Type: Waste Diversion Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: None defined Latitude: None Defined
Validator: None defined Longitude: None Defined
Verifier: None defined Project Proponent: Government of New Brunswick
Start Date: 2010-03-25 End Date: 2018-03-25
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions-removals: 31,024 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions-removals: 3,878 t CO2 e
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