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Kettles Hill Wind Energy Project
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Verification Report (2006) - english
Project Document - 2006
Verification Report (2007) - english
Project Document - 2007 - english update
Verification Report (2007) - english update
Registry: GHG Reductions Registry  
Type: Wind Energy Status: Active
Authorized Project Contact: None defined Latitude: None Defined
Validator: None defined Longitude: None Defined
Verifier: None defined Project Proponent: Blue Source Canada ULC
Start Date: 2006-03-01 End Date: 2026-12-31
Estimated potential lifetime emission reductions-removals: 1,380,800 t CO2e Estimated potential annual emission reductions-removals: 5,840 t CO2 e
Serial Number Ascending RER
Vintage Year Descending
Company Name Unsorted Status Unsorted Quantity in
t CO2 e Unsorted
C-AAA-0052-000-000-001-091 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-260
(C-AAA-0052-R-2007-00001091 to C-AAA-0052-R-2007-00005260)
2007 Delist Registered (Others) 4,170
C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-794 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-838
(C-AAA-0052-R-2007-00005794 to C-AAA-0052-R-2007-00005838)
2007 Delist Registered (Others) 45
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-132 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-838
(C-AAA-0052-R-2006-00000132 to C-AAA-0052-R-2006-00005838)
2006 Tervita Corporation Registered (Others) 5,707
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-001 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-026
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000001 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000026)
2007 Retired to the Environment Retired 26
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-027 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-244
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000027 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000244)
2007 Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Retired 218
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-245 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-318
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000245 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000318)
2007 Retired to the Environment Retired 74
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-319 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-001-552
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00000319 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00001552)
2007 Retired to the Environment Retired 1,234
C-AAA-0052-000-000-001-553 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-004-052
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00001553 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00004052)
2007 Carbon Reduction Fund Retired 2,500
C-AAA-0052-000-000-004-053 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-820
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00004053 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00005820)
2007 Carbon Reduction Fund Retired 1,768
C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-821 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-006-552
(C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00005821 to C-AAA-0052-E-2007-00006552)
2007 Carbon Reduction Fund Retired 732
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-001 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-131
(C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00000001 to C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00000131)
2006 Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Retired 131
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-132 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-340
(C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00000132 to C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00000340)
2006 Retired to the Environment Retired 209
C-AAA-0052-000-000-000-341 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-001-090
(C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00000341 to C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00001090)
2006 Retired to the Environment Retired 750
C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-261 to C-AAA-0052-000-000-005-793
(C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00005261 to C-AAA-0052-E-2006-00005793)
2006 Retired to the Environment Retired 533
Total Serialized RERs for this project that have been Registered (Other): 9,922 , Retired: 8,175

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