GHG Reductions Registry

Public Review Protocol

Registration Protocol for Emission Reductions Projects and the associated annual RERs

  1. Purpose
    To provide a service for entities wishing to have GHG Reduction Projects reviewed and registered in the Canadian GHG Reductions Registry .

  2. Application and Project Documents
    The applicant must complete a standardized application form and submit supporting documents describing the project and its validated emission reductions calculation methodology.

  3. Internal Review Process
    Our staff will review the project documents to ensure that the following principles are addressed:
    1. Relevance: Define boundaries that appropriately reflect the greenhouse gas emissions and reductions of the project and the decision-making needs of users.

    2. Completeness: Account for all greenhouse gas emission sources and activities within the project boundaries. Any specific sources excluded should be identified and justified.

    3. Consistency: Allow meaningful comparison of emissions performance over time. Any changes to the basis of reporting should be clearly stated to facilitate continued valid comparison.

    4. Accuracy: Exercise due diligence to ensure that greenhouse gas calculations have the precision needed for their intended use, and provide reasonable assurance of the integrity of the reported greenhouse gas information.

    5. Conservativeness: Conservative assumptions and methodologies should be applied to all estimates.

    6. Transparency: Address all relevant issues in a factual and coherent manner, based on a clear audit trail. Important assumptions should be disclosed and appropriate references made to the calculation methodologies used.

    7. Exclusivity: Emissions reductions must be exclusive to the Canadian GHG Reductions Registry .

  4. Notice of Completeness
    Written notice will be provided to the applicant if there are any deficiencies. If there are no deficiencies, we will provide notice of intent to register the project by posting the project information in the Canadian GHG Reductions Registry for public comment.