Lignes directrices pour les fournisseurs de services

Le Répertoire des fournisseurs de services1 est un volet important des Registres de GES de Groupe CSA. Il renferme une liste de professionnels, d'entreprises et d'organismes qui offrent divers services, notamment :

Le promoteur du projet peut exiger du vérificateur qu'il démontre sa compétence pour réaliser la vérification, notamment sa participation à une formation pertinente à l'utilisation et aux conditions d'application de la série de normes ISO 14064. Le Centre de formation de Groupe CSA offre des séminaires, des conférences, de la formation sur place et de la formation en ligne en anglais et en français. De plus, un programme d'agrément des personnes en vérification des GES est maintenant offert.

Le candidat à l'agrément du vérificateur des GES doit posséder une connaissance approfondie des éléments fondamentaux des GES et des concepts scientifiques des changements climatiques, de même que des protocoles, des normes et des méthodologies généralement acceptés. Le candidat est également tenu de faire état de son expérience en matière de GES et de vérification et d'obtenir une note de passage à l'examen d'agrément. Pour obtenir plus d'information sur le processus d'agrément, veuillez visiter le site Web du Programme d'agrément du vérificateur des gaz à effet de serre à l'adresse suivante . L'agrément du vérificateur des GES de Groupe CSA est le premier programme d'agrément en Amérique du Nord à s'adresser aux personnes qui souhaitent démontrer qu'elles possèdent les compétences pour effectuer des vérifications relatives aux GES.

Le programme d'agrément des personnes de Groupe CSA est conçu pour s'harmoniser à des programmes d'accréditation qui s'adressent aux organismes de vérification, notamment le programme d'accréditation relative aux GES de l'American National Standard Institute.

Selon la norme ISO 14064-3, les principes d'indépendance, de déontologie, de conscience professionnelle et de présentation impartiale doivent être respectés. Ainsi, on doit aborder les conflits d'intérêts avant la vérification du projet de GES, du rapport sur les GES et de l'affirmation liée aux GES.

Pour s'inscrire dans le Répertoire des fournisseurs de services, on doit remplir le formulaire d'inscription et le soumettre pour étude et approbation. Télécharger le formulaire d'inscription au Registre des fournisseurs de services.

L'inscription au répertoire fait toujours l'objet de l'approbation de Registres de GES.

CSA fournit le présent répertoire à titre de source d'information uniquement. CSA ne peut cautionner les organisations suivantes.

3PAnalysis and Consulting

Verification of GHG inventories, specializing in applications for LEED Eac6 credit, GHG inventory development, GHG project document and protocol development, building energy analysis with specific emphasis on GHG calculations.

Advanced Resources International, Inc.

Advanced Resources International (ARI) is a research & consulting firm specializing in unconventional gas (coalbed methane - CBM, gas shales, tight sands), enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and carbon sequestration (CO2 sequestration).

ARI's services bring together depth of experience, industry insights and analytic capabilities with extensive worldwide experience. Our clientele include major, independent and national oil and gas companies, coal & electric utilities, legal and financial firms, research organizations, consortia and academia, policy groups, and governments.

Our team of geoscientists, engineers, and business & policy analysts provide full services planning and consulting.

Our Senior Staff have participated with CSA (at their request) for the development, testing and roll-out of standards for GHG quantification & verification certifications as subject matter experts and they have completed projects for clients have been completed under virtually all protocols/standards including UNFCCC, ISO (14064 & 14065), US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy (DOE) & WRI.

Advisian, a WorleyParsons Company

Advisian’s GHG Emissions Management and Climate Change services include:Legislative and regulatory planning and strategy, Development of compliance roadmaps and tools, Engineering efficiency and operational excellence, Selection of optimum low-carbon technology, Development of GHG management and monitoring plans, and GHG emission inventory development, modelling, verification and auditing http://advisian.com/

ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute



ENVIRONMENTAL NEEDS CANADA Inc. (E.N.C.) / Besoins Environnementaux Canada Inc. (B.E.C.) is specialized in Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory and quantification reports. Some of our team members have completed the ISO 14064-3 International Standard training offered by CSA. We always maintain independence and professionalism in all our activities. Our team has expertise in the quantification of greenhouse gas inventories and reductions, in bulk acquisitions of various types of carbon credits and in carbon market analysis. From these experiences we've acquired our expertise in Greenhouse Gas emission report Validation and Verification for all sectors, be it the industrial, commercial or institutional sector. www.benviro.com

Blue Source, LLC

For the last 12 years, Blue Source has helped shape the North American carbon markets through its leadership in over 200 projects, first-of-kind forestry projects, precedent-setting emission reduction sales and world-class consulting and technical services. With projects in the United States, Canada, Central America and Africa, Blue Source reduces greenhouse gases across over 20 different project types, including forestry, forest products, waste and methane management, agriculture, oil & gas, transportation and energy efficiency. Blue Source also specializes in helping companies structure a variety of offset purchases for voluntary, pre-compliance and compliance purposes. www.bluesource.com

Brightspot Climate

At Brightspot Climate, we believe in protecting our world for all species and for future generations. We focus on delivering innovative and practical solutions to environmental challenges. Our team connects the dots between business, government, and the people in our communities to achieve shared sustainability goals. We are an independent carbon neutral climate change and energy consultancy that aims to work collaboratively with industry experts, community stakeholders and project developers to apply innovative and efficient solutions to mitigating climate change. Our experience is grounded in completing greenhouse gas quantifications and verifications for almost every industry and offset sector, in addition to our engagement in the development of emission reduction projects. Our experts are regularly retained by governments, industry, and clean technology developers for strategic advisory services related to carbon markets across Canada. We are focused on accelerating the movement to achieve real and scalable GHG reductions worldwide. www.brightspot.co

Brookfield Johnson Controls (BJC)

BLJC is the Canadian leader in the provision of workplace management services for real estate portfolios. Our team of over 1,200 professionals is dedicated to optimizing our customers' business with superior workplace management solutions.
As a Global Workplace Solutions partner of Johnson Controls, we have the mandate for providing a full complement of integrated workplace management services to client portfolios in Canada.
BLJC's Energy and Sustainability group offers a full range of GHG management services for organizations:
- Carbon Footprints & GHG Inventories (especially for large building portfolios)
- GHG Verification Services for Inventories and Projects
- LEED applications under both the Canadian Green Building Council and American Green Building Council
- Energy and GHG Intensity Benchmarking for Buildings
- Utility Bill Payment Services
- Building Energy Analysis, Energy Audits and Energy Conservation Retrofits


Carbon Credits Solution (CCS) offers technical support in engineering, chemistry, as well as environmental sciences and financial services, and helps its customers to develop and apply their sustainable development plan (for example, their GHG emissions reduction plan). CCS can also help businesses with procedures to conform to environmental laws and can prepare with them a plan to become carbon neutral. Carbon Credits Solution also offers complete services pertaining to the carbon market: GHG quantification, GHG inventory, GHG emissions reduction program, as well as projects certification, validation and verification, and carbon credit brokerage. CCS can rely on its own network of carbon credits buyers.



CarbonCounted is a Canadian not-for-profit organization. We enable businesses to calculate their carbon emissions with our leading web application and unique, standard-independent method.

Businesses, typically in coordination with approved consulting firms, can quickly, easily and accurately complete GHG inventories and Product Carbon Footprints. The system enables businesses to:

- Third-party verify emissions in the system, archive and run sophisticated reports
- Measure and manage the emission data of their supply chain
- Submit reports to registries including CSA Standards' GHG Registries
- Work within their industry and across sectors to establish baselines, averages and identify best practices
CarbonCounted currently supports over 4,500 Sites from around the world including over a dozen TSX60 companies.

Platform is available, supported and serviced worldwide.


Carbonfund.org Foundation, Inc.

Carbonfund.org is the leading nonprofit carbon offset and climate solutions organization, making it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce and offset their climate impact. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by supporting third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. Carbonfund.org has over 450,000 individual supporters and works with over 1,300 business and nonprofit partners including Discovery, Motorola, Amtrak, Volkswagen, Dell, JetBlue, and Staples. Visit www.carbonfund.org.


CarbonInvest is an environmental strategy group of professionals that provide support and partnership in sustainable development. We act as an innovative platform in which we help make possible the reduction of ecological footprint for any type of businesses and organization.
We offer:
CarbonInvest offers an array of services for all categories of greenhouse gases (GHG) related programs and projects. CarbonInvest can assist companies and organizations with environmental management system (ISO 14001), carbon neutrality initiatives and environmental strategies.
CarbonInvest offers quantification and validation expertise for GHG inventory and GHG reduction projects. CarbonInvest uses established standards such as ISO 14064, GHG Protocol and IPCC Guidelines.
CarbonInvest can also assist you with CDM and JI projects.
CarbonInvest maximizes the value of your company's assets. CarbonInvest put these assets to work to finance your energy efficiency investments and renewable energy projects and improve your return on investment. CarbonInvest is aligned with a large Canadian financial firm focused on carbon finance solutions for qualified carbon reduction projects.
Looking for carbon investment opportunities? CarbonInvest has local and international carbon projects that will suit your investment needs.


Carbonzero was founded in 2006 and has rapidly risen to become a leader in the design and implementation of corporate carbon reduction strategies and solutions in the emerging low carbon economy. Carbonzero helps transform organizations by aiding them in assessing, reporting, and reducing their emissions. Our approach, tools and services ensure that our clients can cost-effectively meet their carbon auditing reduction commitments while developing the framework for implementation of reduction activities. www.carbonzero.ca

CIRAIG - Polytechnique Montréal


ClearBlue Markets

ClearBlue Markets has over 40 years of combined experience in the carbon offset development industry. With our unique knowledge of the carbon offset value chain, our team can assist project owners at any stage of project development, providing them with tailored products and services. Working with a numerous corporates, governments, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs we have been able to successfully develop over 200 projects globally. Our hands on offset development experience, including with technologies such as biogas, wind, hydro, coal mine methane and forestry, enables us to provide our clients with expert services that will allow for the best commercial results.
ClearBlue focuses on the development of Offset projects applicable under the Western Climate Initiative ("WCI”) and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative ("RGGI") Compliance Markets and the Voluntary Markets, including in Ontario and Quebec. We work closely with project owners to identify, develop and manage a project from its origination through to carbon offset issuance and commercialization. Our mission is to optimize the value of our client’s offsets. www.clearbluemarkets.com

Consultants Enviroconseil

Notre entrprise offre des services de génie-conseil dans divers dossiers de gestion des matières résiduelles au Québec. Parmi les services offerts par notre entreprise mentionnon, les études de caractérisation des matières et de sélection de technologies, les analyses technico-économiques, la conception des plans et devis des ouvrages, la préparation des demandes d'aide financières, les évaluations environnementales, les calculs de réduction des GES, la validation des réductions des GES dans le cadre du programme Biogaz 2007-2012 du MDDEP, la préparation des demandes d'aides dans le cadre du programme de traitement des matières organiques par biométhanisation et compostage du MDDEP.

CT Consultant


Ecofinance Consultants Inc.

Ecofinance specializes in carbon finance. We work with project developers throughout the documentation design process that is required to originate carbon credits. Our knowledge of carbon markets enables us to assess the projects' eligibility according to several markets standards that are available to developers. We can therefore assess the scale and the expected returns of carbon credits portfolios. Finally, our contacts network enables us to identify buyers for the developers' credits. We also evaluate the various options presented to developers in order to bring their credits to the market place. Our sophisticated financial know-how enables us to envision funding and trading structures that are in line with the developers' constraints and goals. Here is a summary list of our services:

- Assessment of carbon credits portfolios and carbon market analysis
- Strategic advice in carbon origination processes
- Carboneutrality management
- GHG emission reductions quantifications and carbon footprint assessment
- Commercialization of carbon credits and structuring
- Climate policy and regulations analysis.



Established in 1981, Econoler specializes in the development and implementation of projects and programs that generate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions or carbon credits and related services of strategic, planning and emission calculations support. Econoler has been operating for years on the carbon markets established under the Kyoto Protocol, including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI). Econoler has a strong expertise in the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and measurement plans of emissions reduction projects. Econoler also has good experience with the European exchange market and the various voluntary carbon markets. Econoler follows the evolution of the Canadian market and the methods and policies in place for establishing carbon inventories in the Western Climate Initiative and RGGI. Econoler also provides services for the preparation of projects or programs for energy efficiency, clean production, energy services enterprises' operation and energy policies and regulations.

ÉcoRessources Carbone

ÉcoRessources Carbone is a specialized consultancy firm offering innovative services in carbon management. Our team of experts combines engineering, economics and policy expertise to offer cutting edge services to various actors on the carbon market.

Collectively, our team members bring together expertise in GHG quantification and reporting, offset origination and supply, environmental markets intelligence, development of carbon and other GHG accounting methods, analysis and development of GHG quantification protocols, assessment of and policy advising for emission trading schemes, and in the dissemination of comprehensive training on carbon markets and on the quantification of GHGs.

Enviro-access inc.

Enviro-Access has a recognized expertise in the quantification of GHG emissions and GHG emissions reductions projects. Enviro-Access is able to help you market your carbon credits by offering its support in preparing the required documents.

Over the past fourteen years, Enviro-Access, one of three Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Centres, has been supporting the development of environmental technologies by supplying companies in the environmental industry with the professional services required during the various steps leading to the commercialization of their applications. Its mission is to foster the emergence and to support the development of innovative projects and companies contributing to the improvement of the quality of the environment and to sustainable development on a local, national and international scale.


Environmental Services, Inc

Environmental Services, Inc., (ESI) is a full-service environmental services firm established in 1986 with the mission of providing superior solutions to environmental, natural and cultural resource needs. The company, comprising six technical divisions, includes: Ecology, Forestry, Stream Restoration, Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Services, Archeology and Cultural Resources, and Site Assessment and Remediation. ESI's Forestry, Carbon and GHG Services Divisions are progressive leaders in providing and developing innovative services that meet the growing demand for sustainability.

Our knowledge, experience, and depth of resources have provided us the ability to adapt quickly within the emerging fields of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reductions (offsets), carbon sequestration, sustainability, and ecosystem services markets, both nationally and internationally. Our staff of professionals is capable of providing in-depth analysis of GHG and carbon sequestration issues, GHG legislation, emission offset project development, GHG validation and verification, and wise use of natural resources. ESI has received accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO 14065:2007 for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies. The scope of accreditation includes ISO 14065:2007, ISO 14064-3:2006, and verification/validation of assertions related to greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals at the project level for Land Use and Forestry (Group 3). ESI is also an approved third-party validator and verifier for the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance, the Pacific Carbon Trust, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the Voluntary Carbon Standard, the Climate Action Reserve, and the American Carbon Registry. From designing educational programs for public awareness, to conducting ecosystem assessments and carbon sequestration plans, ESI provides our clients with the most innovative, science-based solutions to address the most challenging climate change issues. Environmental Services, Inc., (ESI) is a full-service environmental services firm established in 1986 with the mission of providing superior solutions to environmental, natural and cultural resource needs. The company, comprising six technical divisions, includes: Ecology, Forestry, Stream Restoration, Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Services, Archeology and Cultural Resources, and Site Assessment and Remediation. ESI's Forestry, Carbon and GHG Services Divisions are progressive leaders in providing and developing innovative services that meet the growing demand for sustainability. Our knowledge, experience, and depth of resources have provided us the ability to adapt quickly within the emerging fields of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reductions (offsets), carbon sequestration, sustainability, and ecosystem services markets, both nationally and internationally. Our staff of professionals is capable of providing in-depth analysis of GHG and carbon sequestration issues, GHG legislation, emission offset project development, GHG validation and verification, and wise use of natural resources. ESI has received accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO 14065:2007 for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies. The scope of accreditation includes ISO 14065:2007, ISO 14064-3:2006, and verification/validation of assertions related to greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals at the project level for Land Use and Forestry (Group 3). ESI is also an approved third-party validator and verifier for the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance, the Pacific Carbon Trust, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the Voluntary Carbon Standard, the Climate Action Reserve, and the American Carbon Registry. From designing educational programs for public awareness, to conducting ecosystem assessments and carbon sequestration plans, ESI provides our clients with the most innovative, science-based solutions to address the most challenging climate change issues.


First Carbon Credits Corporation

First Carbon Credits Corporation (“FCCC”) is a supply side carbon credits project development company and a Certified Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier with its offices in Alberta and Ontario. FCCC's unique and low risk project development business model is one that assesses project opportunities and manages the aggregation process from from point of origination to sale. We mitigate the various types of risks, including government policy and counter party risk, and deliver a quality compliance ready instrument for entities under corporate or government Greenhouse Gas reduction obligations. Our Land Use/Land Use Change offsets are based upon responsible land use and support the Canadian farmer/ land owner. For those organizations looking to effectively manage their GHG emissions, the Principals at FCCC are CSA Certified to quantify, assess and report GHG emissions and emissions reductions that result from the business activities of organizations, specific facilities, or GHG emissions reduction projects. The consulting services we offer are categorized into two major domains - Inventory Quantification and Project Quantification. The CSA Certifications of the Principals at FCCC are: Robert Coulter (Certification #5844B) and Rita Middleton (Certification #5823A). www.firstcarboncredits.com



Fundamental Inc.

Fundamental Inc. offers solution around energy efficiency, carbon emission reductions, and renewable energy. Our mission is to enact resilience and cost savings by shaping commerce and community with purposeful strategy, planning and design. Our focus is people-planet-profit, in equal priority. We work with clients in all private and public sectors: commercial, residential, governmental and institutional. Fundamental Inc. can support organizations to develop innovative operational strategies for energy efficiency, carbon reductions, climate change adaptation, and the integration of renewable energy. We assemble strategies that lead to real-world improvements. We help our clients evaluate current conditions, and assess the costs, savings, cost-effectiveness, potential risks, and opportunities for implementing climate focused solutions. www.fundamentalinc.ca/

GCM Consultants

GCM is a multidisciplinary engineering firm with nearly 400 resources that has been working exclusively in industrial fields across Canada since 1994. Our business model is for small to medium-scale projects and we excel at developing simple and practical solutions through our industry-based professionals. At GCM, strategic activities are followed by technical interventions with industries, for example: GHG Inventories, Plan and quantification report for GHG reduction projects, Detailed balance of energy consumption and GHG emissions, assessment of potential and reduction targets, process optimization, integration of renewable energy, Evaluation of production processes to increase efficiency, Using innovative and efficient technologies and equipment to reduce emissions, nuisances and waste of resources. GCM est une firme d’ingénierie multidisciplinaire de près de 400 ressources qui œuvre uniquement dans les domaines industriels partout au Canada depuis 1994. Notre modèle d’affaires vise l’exécution de projets de petite à moyenne envergure et nous excellons à développer des solutions simples et pratiques grâce à nos professionnels issus des industries. Chez GCM, les activités stratégiques sont suivies d’interventions techniques auprès des industriels, par exemple : Inventaires GES, Plan et rapport de quantification de projets de réduction GES, Bilan détaillé de consommation énergétique et des émissions de GES, évaluation du potentiel et des cibles de réduction, optimisation des procédés, intégration d’énergies renouvelables, Évaluation des procédés de production afin d’en augmenter l’efficacité , Utilisation de technologies et équipements innovants et performants réduisant les émissions, les nuisances et le gaspillage de ressources http://www.gcmconsultants.com/en/home.html


GHD is one of the world’s leading professional services companies. We operate in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation. Proudly owned by our people, GHD is rich in diversity of thought, background and experience. Today, more than 9000 empowered people in 200+ offices on five continents collaborate seamlessly to understand our clients’ objectives, solve their problems and bring imaginative solutions to life. Driven by a culture of service excellence, we partner with our clients to develop engineering, environmental and construction solutions together. We apply high standards of safety quality and ethics to create value throughout the project lifecycle. Our connected global network brings deep technical capabilities, multi-disciplinary skills and industry insights to help our clients succeed. The value of our work can be seen in the social progress, sustainable development and economic growth we bring to the communities we touch. GHD is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO 14065 as a Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Body. GHD is currently one of the few technical and scientific-based firms to become accredited, and was one of the first Canadian companies to receive accreditation under the ISO 14065 Standard. GHD is accredited at the project level for the following sectoral scopes: 1. GHG emission reductions from fuel combustion 2. Land use, Land Use Change and Forestry 3. Livestock 4. Waste Handling and Disposal GHD staff are well versed in regulated and voluntary GHG reporting programs worldwide. We have completed hundreds of GHG inventories, GHG projects, validations, and verifications for a wide range of project types including industry, government, commercial, and private entities. www.ghd.com www.ghd.com

Goby Inc.

ESG Strategy and LEED Consulting. We specialize in Energy, GHG emission, Water, and Waste tracking. www.gobyinc.com

Green Chem Consultants Inc.

Green Chem consultants Inc. has a professional group working on GHG projects. All group members have GHG knowledge gained through research, literature, conference participation and experience. Our company is developing a functional lab with advanced equipment such as ICP-OES, carbon-nitrogen analyzer, PCR and a 50 inch minimal disturbance soil collection probe. The organic and inorganic carbon concentration from any source can be analyzed by these instruments. Therefore, carbon sequestration and GHG emission reduction can be quantified based on protocols. We are also looking for an air quality analyzer to detect GHG concentration according to US EPA and GB methods. The concentration of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous gas from the emitting sources can be directly tested using the air quality analyzer, which is able to provide reliable data to support GHG validation and verification. Based on the GHG knowledge and methodologies, we are looking forward to providing service in accordance with ISO 14064. The checklist of the services we are able to provide are: https://www.greenchemcanada.com/

Green Sky Sustainability Consulting Inc.

Green Sky provided climate change mitigation and adaptation – related Sustainability services. Particularly this means GHG verification for reports and offset projects, GHG quantification and carbon foot printing, Life Cycle Assessments and offset project development. www.greensky.ca

Groupe AGÉCO


Industrial Ecology Consultants


Internat Energy Solutions Canada Inc.

Internat Energy Solutions Canada (IESC) is an independent professional consulting firm. We help our clients remain competitive in a changing world by providing them with expert advice obtained through accurate and unbiased studies. Our collection of tools and best practices assist our customers in achieving their energy efficiency and sustainability goals through a multi-dimensional and holistic approach, supported by data driven analysis and promoting long term cohesion between the built and living environments. Our core business activities include  Improving energy use and comfort with building science and engineering design  Greenhouse gas quantifications and verifications for regualted and voluntary actions  Renewable energy analysis and system design http://www.internatenergy.com/

Kuzuka Ltd.

Located near London, Ontario, Kuzuka Ltd. is a full service GHG management services firm with a mission "to identify risks and opportunities for our clients to ensure they achieve balanced and sustainable growth". Kuzuka is known for their comprehensive understanding of the low carbon economy, and have worked with a range of public sector and private sector clients, from single-facility organizations to S&P/TSX 60 multi-nationals. Kuzuka has participated in GHG management projects in a variety of industry sectors, including agriculture, food and beverage, tourism, retail, manufacturing, and government.

Kuzuka's GHG management services include, but are not limited to, the following:
- GHG inventory planning and implementation following ISO 14064-1
- GHG inventory verification following ISO 14064-3
- Carbon offset project development and validation following ISO 14064-2
- Carbon credit feasibility studies
- Expertise in carbon markets and GHG regulations
- Corporate sustainability planning
- Green event planning
- GHG management workshops and training


Loop Initiatives

Loop Initiatives works with private and public sector organizations to help them prosper in their shift towards sustainability. Loop advises senior decision makers, providing expertise and in-depth research to support sustainability strategy development and implementation, including greenhouse gas inventories and reduction strategies, performance metrics, corporate sustainability reporting, and green marketing and branding. Loop developed the IRIS sustainability performance management tool, which represents a unique way of communicating sustainability. Our affiliation with Halsall Associates, a Canadian leader in green buildings, provides a seamless integration of sustainability strategy and the implementation of facilities-related sustainability initiatives. Loop's consultants have business, environmental and engineering backgrounds and provide significant expertise and experience in sustainability, corporate strategy, change management and green buildings. They have worked with real estate, hospitality, retail, financial services and public sector organizations in Canada and the US.

Marie Bellemare Consulting

Consulting services related to Sustainable Development, including and not limited to: carbon footprint, Environmental Product Declaration (DEP) verification, environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), LCA for CaGBC zero carbon building, LCA for LEED 2009 & V.4, recyclability and recovery calculations, chemical compliance, EPD, ecodesign, end-of-life management of materials, and RoHS & REACH compliance. https://www.linkedin.com/company/marie-bellemare-consulting

Marshall Miller & Associates, Inc.

Marshal Miller & Associates, Inc., (MM&A) headquartered in Bluefield, Virginia, USA is among the world's leading carbon, geological& mining engineering companies with global experience on five continents completing over 70,000 discrete projects. MM&A has been on the forefront of the technical, operational, and public policy issues regarding carbon management facing clients in nations across the globe. MM&A has provided GHG emission inventory & quantification reports, verification reports, Carbon Credit projects and Carbon Capture & Storage projects for the international power, energy, mining and industrial markets.

MM&A has participated with CSA (at their request) for the development, testing and roll-out of standards for GHG quantification & verification certifications as subject matter experts.

MM&A's projects for clients have been completed under virtually all protocols/standards including UNFCCC, ISO (14064 & 14065), US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy (DOE) & WRI.

Steven M. Carpenter
Corporate Risk Manager, Director of Carbon & International Business
[email protected]

Mech and Associates

MECH and ASSOCIATES is a boutique consulting firm based in Toronto Ontario dedicated to the provision of Greenhouse Gas professional services for individuals, corporate entities, educational facilities and governments. Our focus is on excellence as we strive towards becoming one of the pre-eminent Greenhouse Gas advisors to those involved in Emissions Reduction and Removal activities locally and abroad. MECH and ASSOCIATES has been practicing Emission Reduction and Removal services for more than eight years and has assisted over 50 organizations in Canada, the US and Europe, in English and French, with their activity needs. In addition to the offerings listed below, MECH and ASSOCIATES provides strategic consulting, education and advice to those individuals, entities and governments struggling to understand the tremendous opportunities afforded them through the prudent application of Emission Reduction and Removal practices.

Mission Markets

Mission Markets, Inc. is a financial services technology company operating three secure, integrated platforms which create an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of opportunities throughout the sustainability and impact sectors. The Company operates three online platforms:
- The Mission Markets Sustainable and Impact Investment Platform (www.missionmarkets.com) connects capital with companies, organizations, and project opportunities that have demonstrable social or environmental missions, products, or services. This includes carbon finance projects. The regulated platform provides accredited and institutional investors with an efficient way to identify, evaluate, and monitor sustainable investment opportunities and execute transactions, as well as provides secondary market trading ability to further facilitate liquidity in this sector.
- The Mission Markets Earth Exchange (www.mmearth.com) is the first comprehensive environmental credit exchange that allows for the buying and selling of environmental attributes across multiple environmental sectors. The focus of the marketplace for carbon is currently voluntary carbon credits.
- The Mission Markets Climate and Sustainability Network (www.mmcxse.com) provides an online platform with request for proposal, reverse auction, project development and project management functionality for sustainable project opportunities.

Morrison Hershfield Ltd.

Morrison Hershfield (MH) is a full service engineering firm serving clients throughout Canada and the US. With over 15 years in the Carbon market, MH provides a variety of Carbon Services including:
- Inventory quantification
- Inventory verification/validation
- GHG reduction strategies
- Carbon offsetting
- Life Cycle Analysis
- LEED for Existing Buildings Emissions Reporting*
MH’s team provides expertise in Building, Transportation, and Waste related greenhouse gas.
*Because of MH’s extensive experience with the LEED rating system we also specialize in providing support to EBOM projects pursuing the Emissions Reporting credit (EAc6). We can provide the quantification or the verification services to comply with the credit requirements. http://www.morrisonhershfield.com/

National Ecocredit Inc.

Founded in 1999, L2I is a consulting firm specialized in atypical and non-traditional financing. We are known for our expertise in specific areas of non-traditional financing: negotiating government assistance, financing through capitalization and quantification, benchmarking (assessing/ranking), and brokering intangible commodities such as carbon credits. L2I is active in the carbon industry as a quantifier and a broker. As a quantifier, we prepare the client's GHG report and identify the volume of carbon credits available for selling purposes. L2I is also a market intermediary. Within the sales cycle, the firm works under contract as a supplier for several brokers, dealers and international-level financial institutions.


National Research Council, Construction Research Centre

Oxford Consulting Group Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Oxford Consulting Group offers 4 Environmental Sustainability Services:

1. Sustainability Strategy & Planning

OCG helps organizations develop sustainability strategies which engage stakeholders and partners, and leverage core competencies to create superior shareholder and societal value.

2. Environmental Performance Benchmarking

OCG works with organizations to define relevant environmental measures such as water consumption, waste diversion, air emissions, energy utilization, greenhouse gas creation and packaging utilization. OCG assesses current performance against these measures.

3. Environmental Management System (EMS)

OCG helps organizations determine their EMS requirements through conducting a gap analysis between the ISO 14001 standard and current practices. OCG then works with organizations to design, develop, and implement EMS' tailored to their operational needs.

4. Supply Chain Eco-Alignment

OCG works directly with organizations' customers and suppliers to assess how best to integrate environmental initiatives, with the goal of reducing their collective environmental footprint.


Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

Pinchin Environmental Ltd., part of the Pinchin Group of Companies, is one of Canada's largest environmental, health and safety consulting firms. We have been in business for over 25 years and provide a wide range of environmental and engineering services. The Pinchin Group employs over 400 staff in offices across the country. We are one of a handful of Canadian companies that has taken a project through the full Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) approval cycle at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Our staff has been involved in the development and acceptance of the ISO 14064 standards in Canada.

Pinchin's Climate Change GHG Group offers a full range of GHG management services for organizations at all stages of assessing & managing emissions:
- Carbon Footprints & GHG Inventories
- Carbon Neutral/GHG Management Strategies
- Mitigation & Offsetting
- Monitoring & Reporting
- Verification & Validation
- Project Development
- GHG Management Training


Prism Engineering Ltd.

Prism Engineering is an energy management consulting firm in Vancouver, BC.

Prism Engineering provides energy management, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering services to improve building performance. We design and implement cost-effective solutions to address comfort, efficiency and system reliability, with emphasis on sustainability and environmentally-friendly designs and practices.

Prism Engineering provides Energy and GHG quantification, reduction and verification services in the following fields:

- Organizational Assessment - policy, goals and targets
- Energy and GHG Analysis - Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting; benchmarking
- Energy and GHG assessment - Walk-Through or Detailed Audits, Investment Grade Audits, Business Cases, Incentive Applications
- GHG Reduction Energy Upgrade - Implementation of Measures, Specifications, Site Reviews, Project Management
- Continuous Improvement - Verification of implemented measures, Operational Improvements, New Technologies, Awareness Programs
- Coaching and Training


Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton LLP

-GHG reduction projects;
-GHG Inventories.

Advisory services : - To guide customers to set up a GHG reduction project;
- To help the customers to conform to regulations.

Other Services:
-SR & ED;

Scotian Carbon Services Inc.

Scotian Carbon Services helps businesses and organizations navigate through the confusing landscape and regulations that are part and parcel of the new carbon economy. Scotian Carbon Services also helps business take advantage of opportunities by providing professional consultation in carbon credit registration and sales. Our staff has experience in international carbon credit project development and sales as well as domestic carbon management.

Our offering to clients can be categorized into four key areas of consulting services:
- Carbon Management
- Carbon Credit Development, Sales and Marketing
- Carbon Footprint Analysis and Certifications
- Consulting Reports - Policy Analysis and Carbon Market Trends

Stabilis Inc.

Stabilis Inc. offers a wide range of environmental services, the latest addition being quantification of GHG inventories and reduction projects performed by a multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified professionals, duly trained to apply the standards of ISO 14064-1 and 14064-2 or higher.

- quantification of your corporate GHG emissions;
- ISO 14064-1 compliant inventory reports;
- development of action plans.
Reduction projects:
- assessment of potential projects and pre-quantification;
- review of eligibility to a program or to the carbon market;
- quantification of the project's GHG reductions;
- ISO 14064-2 compliant quantification reports.

Methodologies or quantification protocols used are based on protocols approved by registries or relevant programs and Stabilis can guide and accompany you through the registration process and during discussions with a broker of your choice.


STAVIBEL, Engineering Services

STAVIBEL, Engineering Services offers services in GHG quantification according to the following :
- The recommended guidelines outlined in the Province of Quebec's Program « Climat Municipalités » and the recommended guidelines outlined in the Government of Canada's "Partners for Climate Protection" program;
- ISO 14064 "Part 1 - Specification with guidance at the organizational level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals";
- ISO 14064 "Part 2 - Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring, and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements";
- ISO 14064 "Part 3 - Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions".

Sustainable Enterprise Consulting


Sustainable Solutions Corporation


Tavares Group Consulting Inc.

Tavares Group Consulting Inc. is a corporate social responsibility firm specializing in the areas of environmental, health & safety management systems, greenhouse gas inventory and auditing services, communications and training.


Tetra Tech QI Inc.

Validation and Verification of GHG Reports, Under the Following Programs: • BC Emissions Offset Regulations • Alberta Offset System • Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) • ISO 14064 • Climate Action Reserve • Voluntary Carbon Standard • Western Climate Initiative (WCI) • The Climate Registry • Gold Standard • Clean Development Mechanism Offset Project Development • MDDEFP’s Programme Biogaz • Voluntary market, CleanProjects® Registry Consulting • Profitability calculations • Certificate of authorization requests • Plans and specifications • Construction • Purchase of processing equipment • Operation including optimization, monitoring and maintenance • Preparation of GHG reduction reports in accordance with ISO 14064 regulatory requirements • Presentation of reduction reports to external auditors www.tetratech.com

The Carbon Accounting Company

The Carbon Accounting CompanyTM provides sector-specific environmental sustainability programs and climate change strategies such as carbon footprint consulting, corporate emissions reduction plans, supply chain emissions reports and company-wide greenhouse gas inventories for small- and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Two of The Carbon Accounting Company's innovative programs are Green Ride GlobalT and Green Hotels GlobalT.

Green Ride GlobalTM is a leading environmental sustainability program for businesses in the ground transportation industry.

Green Hotels GlobalTM is a comprehensive, interactive, environmental sustainability benchmarking tool for the global hotel industry.



VERIFIT Group is a reference in Latin America in validation/verification of greenhouse gas projects, inventories and declarations. Our team has more than 13 years of experience in this area, having evaluated more than 400 GHG projects, and is currently the leading company in this market in Latin America. http://verifit.com.co/



Williams Engineering Canada Inc.(formerly A. D. Williams Engineering Inc.)

Please visit our website for Company Information:
www.williamsengineering.com .


ZEROCO2 offers consultation services to a targeted clientele concerning their specific needs in the fight against climate change, such as: carrying out a GHG emissions assessment, developing source emissions reduction strategies, or evaluating the most beneficial compensation solutions.

ZEROCO2 is also the best performing greenhouse gas offset and climate change program around. Its hybrid offset model, including the planting of trees and the purchase of high quality carbon credits, represents the most complete offering in North America and allows you to act on all fronts in the fight against climate change.

Combined with this rigorous compensation solution through the planting of trees, proven communication and promotional strategies generate positive benefits that surpass the initial value of the client's investments. Moreover, the program makes it possible to integrate this into the marketing of consumer goods, offering infinite brand promotion possibilities for any sector.


1 CSA provides registry services to both the regulatory and voluntary carbon markets. This service provider listing is only for the services that CSA provides to the voluntary carbon market through our registry services as listed above. This service provider lists does not apply to any other programs which may use our registry services which are not listed above regardless of the fact that some of the same service providers may be using CSA registry services for both the voluntary and regulatory carbon markets.